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10 meter or 32.81’
10m wheelhouse
Length Of The Hull 10m/32.81ft
Beam(m) 3 or 9.84’
Draft(m). 0.35 or 1.15’
Bottom Sides(mm)6
Top Sides(mm)5
Transom) mm 6
Transom Shaft 25"
Rec.HP max 2x 200
Cargo Capacity(kg) 5000 or 11,023.11pounds
Bottom anti fouling paint
Spot light
LED: Navigation and anchor light
8 extra large cleats
Seastar steering system
Jacob’s Wash down pump with water gun
Two tone paint blue and white
Lento electric trim tabs
Hard Top captains station
Two water tight hatches, one fuel access other storage

Trailer is sold separately if interest please inquire.

This 10meter LC boat was imported from Singapore boat company by myself for myself. Very good company in quality but they screwed up on my order and left out the two side doors. I absolutely love the boat but I need the side doors for my dockage. I am passing this boat along for just over cost. The company has been in business for over 80 years. Excellent work, excellent welding. Truly high quality work. This is my second boat, I have a 9 meter I’ll put in a pic of it also a sweet boat. I can take you for a ride to see how great they handle. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you like I can tell you why I am moving from a 9 meter to a 10 meter LC. 9 meter is perfect for about 90 percent of what we haul. I live on a barrier island off the west coast of FL. No roads, no bridges. Up to large golf carts. But the 1pm is almost twice the cargo space and weight allowance. 11 meter is the other model offered, too big unless you’re hailing 18,000 pounds.

So I am selling this 10 meter LC brand new, it’s actually a 2024 or whenever we close the title, it’s open now new!
There is nothing wrong with the boat. It’s sweet. Just needs a motor. They do handle seriously amazingly well in the bay. A true bay boat! They have a full keel and cut ways up to 2 feet with small thuds. Very water capable. Two 150’s is my recommendation. You don’t need more than that for this boat it flys with 300hp. I have a 9meter with a 200 that flys so two one third more HP for the 10m would be sweet with this boat.

I’ll add to this if I can think of more.
All my best,‘Peter

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Placida, Florida