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2013 Catamaran Cruisers Trimaran Harborcraft

2013 Catamaran Cruisers Trimaran Harborcraft


Wilmington, Illinois

Category Cruiser Boats

Length 42'

Posted Over 1 Month

2013 Catamaran Cruisers Trimaran Harborcraft 2013 Catamaran Cruisers Trimaran HarborcraftUnbelievable price! Still comes with the full factory engine warranty.Check out the videos! The HarborCraft Coastal Cruiser was designed with a price point that shows perceived value. Ergonomics were very high on the design priorities, such as the ability to entertain many guest at once, ease of body movement, wide walkways, large expansive forward & upper deck and ease of handling. Standard amenities that are normally found as options on much more expensive boats. Speed and frugality unequaled by other boats her size. She’s truly a fresh breath of “MARINE AIR”. There is simply no other boat on the market that we could find that gives you so much for so little.Because of the current price of gasoline, we picked the fuel efficient maintenance free (for the first 300 hrs, then only minor maintenance thereafter) Evinrude E-Tec engine as our standard engine(s) choice. Of course we will offer as an option other brands but the Evinrude’s are light weight, create more power out of the hole, never need engine oil changes and offer COUNTER ROTATING propellers which really aids to the maneuverability during docking.No matter which brand of outboard you pick, they allow our boat to go into places that other boats this size with inboards or I.O.(s) can’t because our engines can be lifted nearly all the way out of the water without damaging items such as U-joints, etc (just leave the water pickup fins deep enough to pick up cooling water). You will no longer have that musty smell coming from the bilges into your living space nor will you have to scrub the bilge because there are none. The fuel tanks are where they should be, outside the cabin. (Who wants to sleep on top of gasoline tanks? Duh?)In the event of any prop damage you are able to change your own props without getting the boat lifted.I can go on and on about the benefits of our boat over other boats but to sum it all up, it’s very simple. Our boat is the boating version of what the automobile industry calls the “CROSSOVER”. It is designed for the seasoned boater. It’s going to be very easy to market this boat. You either understand it or you don’t. It’s really that simple!!