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1976 Palmer Johnson Peterson 42

1976 Palmer Johnson Peterson 42


Drummond, Michigan

Year 1976

Make Palmer Johnson

Model Peterson 42

Category -

Length 42'

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1976 Palmer Johnson Peterson 42 This boat was built in 1976 for Richard Hokin of Minnesota. Mr. Hokin had a number of customor semi-custom boats built during this time (most of which were called "Love Machine").This particular boat was specifically built for the SORC under the IOR 2-ton rule of the mid 70's.Peterson was a hot designer then because of his L-ton successes.This particular design was first built as a shorter boat, "Siren Song", then lengthened for "LoveMachine" and "sleeping Bear". Siren Song ended up being 4L feet, and Love Machine andSleeping Bear are almost 43 feet.Love Machine (Divertimento) won the SORC that year and was extremely successful in all of itsendeavors. A famous sailing calendar picture was made of Love Machine, and it was the mostpopular shot for the SORC for many years.The boat was sold approximately 2 years after being built to Fred Van Luew of Newport, Rl,where the hull was painted dark blue and the boat was renamed "Fiddler". Mr. Van Luew hadmany boats under this name and it continues to carry his famous sail number - US 711. Theboat was actively and successfully campaigned out of Newprot for about 12 years. The boatraced under lOR, as well as PHRF rules and was optimized and updated whenever necessary.Many Newport to Bermuda Race plaques are still mounted on the bulkhead.After a dismasting in 1991, the boat was sold to Sid Millmart of Maryland, who subsequenttybought the boat back to the Midwest. Mr. Millman was employed by the Harken YachtEquipment and he intended to refit and refurbish the boat. Unfortunately, Mr. Millman wasonly able to set up a new rig and sail the boat part of one season. An extensive list of new andupdated parts was acquired for the boat (Harken Equipment needless to say). The boat waslaid up in Michigan until 1994, when it was purchased by Chuck and Dick Gravengood ofChicago.ln the spring of 1994 the boat was re-commissioned as "Geronimo". The Gravengood familyhas long been involved in Chicago sailing and this purchase was for a family project whichincluded racing and cruising. The boat was extensively refitted and refurbished with all theequipment Mr. Millman had acquired to bring Geronimo up-to-date for competitive sailing andefficient cruising. Geronimo safely took the family and crew on 3 Chicago to Mackinac lslandraces and thousands of miles of family cruising, ln the fall 1999, Geronimo was purchased by Tom and Myreta Davis as a summer sailing hometo explore the Great Lakes. The boat was re-commissioned as "Divertimento" (fun in ltalian).After a summer of sailing in 2000, the boat came to rest at its new home in KewauneeWisconsin. Over the next 10 years, Divertimento was completely re-done inside and out; andsailed by the Davis family thousands of miles around the Great Lakes (Michig