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17' 1976 Slickcraft SS176

17' 1976 Slickcraft SS176


Kirkland, Washington

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Please call boat owner Chuck at 509-218-8150. Congratulations Choosing SLICKCRAFT Motor Boat, great idea. I did buy this boat and have maintained ever since. The Slickcraft has many fine and exciting features for your boating enjoyment. Full freshwater cooling. Engine 351 FORD and 190 OMC out-drive. Also you have a trailer to pull it, with surge-brakes, exceptionally safe. Brand Caulkins, made in Spokane. 1976 Model but don't let that worry you... The best years for Slickcraft AMF boats were the 70's when they made their reputation. Holland Michigan, where it was manufactured. AMF bought this line in 1976, because of the quality and the future of building larger boats, the TRARA LINE. We looked at boats from Sea Ray, Bay liner, Freedom, Fiborform, Glastron, Glassply, Larson, and felt this boat was one of the best available for technology, quality of workmanship, features, and value. Purchased from a dealer Lake Washington Yacht Club, shipped to Seattle straight from the factory. Gel coat still shines and the hull and transom are solid. This hull is hand laid, not with a chop gun, and over on Balsa Wood Underlayment, not Styrofoam that can collects moisture and weighs the boat down... While on the lake it was always kept on a shore station, and kept in a heated building during the winter up until 2010. There are 615 real hours on the engine. Never had any major problems, the tilt motor needs to be taken apart, they sometime stick. Access is easy to all areas of the engine compartment. The boat was taken out every year and run for few hours of fun however I am at that age now that it is going to be too much work, and that it is time someone young could enjoy this boat as I have. GUARANTEED WHEN YOU TAKE THIS BOAT OUT EVERYONE LOOKS AND ASKS QUESTIONS IT IS A CLASSIC AND NOTHING COMES CLOSE, YOU WILL LOVE IT FOR THE COST, NOTHING COMPARES. FIND A BOAT LIKE THIS AT TODAY'S PRICES I WILL BE SURPRISED. REMEMBER ASK YOURSELF FOR THE COST OF BOATS TODAY AND THE AMOUNT OF HOURS ON THIS ONE, THIS IS A DEAL YOU CAN'T PASS UP. YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH. WHEN I BOUGHT THIS BOAT IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SMALL IO OUT THERE. ITS LIKE A SPORTS CAR ONCE YOU BUY A GOOD ONE YOU YOU DON'T LOOK BACK, EVERYONE LOOKS AT YOU. PS. I LIKED IT SO WELL I BOUGHT THE 22 FOOT CUTIE-CAB WITH ALSO FOR SALE.BOTH BOATS HAD MOORING STATIONS OUT OF THE WATER. WHAT SET UP. BUT PEOPLE SAY ITS TIME.