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1906 Chinese MOTOR JUNK


Marathon, Florida

Year -

Make -

Model -

Category -

Length -

Posted Over 1 Month

Jensen Yacht Sales, LLC - Jensen Yacht Sales, LLC (877) 255-1269 Photos Videos Map STARBOARD ENTRANCE MASTER'S CABIN NOV.2012 PILOT HOUSE SALOON FINISHED JUNE 2013 GALLEY FINISHED MARCH 2013 GALLEY MARCH 2013 AFT DECK 2012 ARCHED "CONASTOGA" STYLE ROOF OCT. 2012 NEW GARDNER INSTALLED DEC. 2012 NEW GARDNER 6LXB INSTALLED AND RUNNING ! JAN. 2013 BOW ON !! APRIL 2012 APRIL 2012 ABERDEEN ABERDEEN ABERDEEN var isChrome = false; var num_vids = 1; var ad_id = '101901804'; var dealer_id = '734254'; var dealer_url = ''; var videodata = [ {id: '',url: '',title: 'MAGNIFICENT NEW "GARDNER" 6LXB STARTUP',type: 'Embedded Video',thumb: '',postdate: 'Dec-31-1969'}]; map_link='/Gettiledata/getmap/getmap/?address=Between the Bridges Marina&city=Old Saybrook&stateabbr=CT&zip=06475&dealerId=734254&adId=101901804'; Expand Map Print Map Driving Directions From: Get Directions  clear Close Request Information * Name First Name * Email Telephone (optional) Best Time to Contact Anytime Morning Mid-day Evening Question/Comments (optional) Shop Safely: Protect Your Money. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Contact Seller 1906 Chinese MOTOR JUNK   I MUST SELL OR TRADE MY " RESTORED ANTIQUE CHINESE  YACHT".  MY HEALTH IS DETERIORATING AND THE CAT AND I MUST MOVE ASHORE. MY PRICE IS $149,000. ....OR.... I WILL CONSIDER A CLEAR TITLE TRADE FOR A SMALL HOUSE OR A VERY NICE "MOBILE HOME" WITH ITS OWN PROPERTY IN FLORIDA.     I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME, BUT IT WAS TOO SOON.  THE BOAT IS REALLY VERY WELL DONE AND WITH THE EXCEPTION OF NORMAL MAINTENANCE WILL NOT BE A BURDEN, BUT A HAPPY LIVE ABOARD CRUISER.  EVERYTHING IS DONE EXCEPT ELECTRONICS. THIS WEBPAGE HAS THE INFO BUT IS ALSO IN NEED OF UPDATING. MUCH MORE THAN THE ASKING PRICE HAS BEEN INVESTED.      PLEASE THINK BEFORE ANSWERING THIS AD AS I REALLY AM ILL. THANK YOU,  CHARLES GATCHELL     Finance this boat|Get an insurance quote|

West Coast Flicka 20 Sailboat Sloop Pocket Cruiser Pacific Seacraft w/Trailer


Los Osos, California

Year 1978

Make Flicka Pacific Seacraft

Model Flicka

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 20.0

Posted Over 1 Month

West Coast Flicka 20 Sloop Pocket Cruiser Pacific Seacraft w/Trailer #53 1978 Click Photos to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Description Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20"The Little Ship Who Could" Located in Central California The Flicka 20 is a world capable pocket cruising vessel that has truly been tested in many long, bluewater voyages. Bruce Bingham Design Pacific Seacraft Hull #53 1978 Fiberglass Honda 9.9 Outboard Sloop Rig Trailer included No Head-Port-Potty This little Flicka has been well taken care of and sailed with love. Docked in Morro Bay, California and sailed often. Before that she was on her trailer in Nevada and sailed infrequently on Lake Tahoe. She has sailed from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and more recentlyfrom Morro Bay to San Simeon or Port San Luis, performing brilliantly,especially in heavy seas. Trailer recently overhauled Surge type braking system New Lines, shoes, etcIncludes wheel for extending tongueEasylift mfg. (the bottom photos are from the original Flicka brochure and are not of this exact Flicka) Since Bruce Bingham published the Flicka line drawings in RUDDER in 1972, Flicka's have been built in ferrocement, wood and fiberglass. They have been rigged as a gaff cutter, masthead sloop, fractional sloop, marconi cutter, yawl, schooner, wishbone, top-sail gaff-cutter, bald-headed gaff-cutter, lateen, and Chinese Lug (Junk rig). Flickas have crossed the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and sailed to the Sea of Cortez from California, as well as cruised the Sea of Cortez. They have cruised the Mediterranean from France to Corsica and Minorca and even crossed France by canal. There are few oceans which have not been explored by these seaworthy "little ships." Over the years, the Flicka has acquired a reputation for seaworthiness, speed under sail and bringing her crew back home from the sea. Wherever the next harbor is, the Flicka is recognized - her perky sheer, blunt bow, beautiful transom are known to all sailors. The conversation usually begins with, "Is that a Flicka? Salty looking little boat. You can go anywhere in that boat - seaworthy. The Flicka is sailed by people all over the world." "Whether the Flicka has reached over 300 because she's a beautiful and distinctive boat or because she's built to take the sea is impossible to determine. Regardless, the Flicka's popularity is a tremendous source of pride for me, not to mention the justice done to her design by Pacific Seacraft. The many many miles that I sailed in Sabrina were exciting, fulfilling, confident, enjoyable and comfortable ones. She did everything ever asked of her and did it extremely well bespeaking both the success of the Flicka design, the wisdom crafted into it's turn-of-the-century ancestors and the diligence of those in the plant which translates the Flicka into a 20th century reality. The Flicka is still my dream and my most rewarding achievement and experience." ~ Bruce P. Bingham Flicka 20 Specifications These are the hull specifications from the Pacific Seacraft Flicka. Other Flickas may vary in dimensions. Flicka 20 Sail Area These are the rig and sail dimensions for the Pacific Seacraft Flicka. Other Flickas may vary in rig and sail area from these measurements. What do I,P,J and E mean?EFoot length of mainsail from tack to clew. Distance from the tack to the black band at the end of boom, so long as the sail does not extend beyond the ban. Otherwise, use the length of the foot when outhaul is fully taut. In the event the clew of the mainsail is carried below the top of the boom where it intersects the mast (boom drop), measure E along the slop of the mainsail.IThe foretriangle height measured along the foreside of the mast from the main deck "datum" to the top of jib halyard sheave. Note: the height of the deck used as datum for this measurement shall be taken as 4% of beam above the shear line abreast of the mast.JDistance from the foreside of the mast to the point where forestay attaches to the deck or bowsprit, in a direction level with the waterline.PLuff length of mainsail from tack to head. Distance from the tack to the black band at the top of the mast, so long long as the sail does not hoist above the band. Otherwise, use the top of the main halyard sheave. Pacific Seacraft Hull Numbers All Pacific Seacraft Flickas had a factory hull number stamped on them. This is usually on the top edge of the transom. Use the tables below to find out more about your Flicka. Payment and Shipping PAYMENT TERMS: Cashier's Check SHIPPING TERMS: Pick Up Only-comes with trailer inkfrog terapeak